About Steane Park Gardens

Steane Park was once the home of Sir Thomas Crewe, speaker of the House of Commons in the 17th century, who rebuilt the charming chapel of St Peter in 1620 in memory of his wife.

The house that stands now is much smaller than the original, a 16th century property of magnificent architecture that was originally built and may have been designed by Sir Reginald Bray who was involved in the building of Henry VII’s Chapel at Westminster Abbey. He was the half brother to John Bray, the great grandfather of Temperance Bray who married Sir Thomas Crewe. Through the lineage Steane was passed to Henry Duke of Kent and thence to the Spencer family who sold it off privately in 1890.

When we moved to Steane Park in 1990, the garden was in an extremely dilapidated and overgrown state; the lake had been filled with rubbish and the fishponds were hardly visible.  Over the past 21 years we have tried to capture the original glory of the garden, and the fishponds have been enhanced by the addition of a jetty with an attractive seating area. The area between the fishponds is where the previous owner had grown potatoes and this is now planted with trees and wild flowers, whilst the potatoes are now grown in the newly renovated 17th century vegetable garden.

Now the garden houses many unique and fascinating features, including:

‘The Monet Bridge’ – built by a craftsman from Suffolk.  It was delivered in several pieces and constructed on-site with the aid of a lot of ropes, a lot of getting wet and a lot of crossed fingers, but the end result looks magnificent!

‘The Moon Gate’ – taken from a design by Mary Reynolds at the Chelsea Flower Show 2001.

‘The Folly’ – built by us, lies on the mound, which is presumed to be the site of the old mill in the Domesday Book.

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